With the desire to offer you a fresh and tasty satisfaction, we took our first steps 32 years ago.

Our story was spreading from one bite to another...

We started as a small family business so that nowadays, 32 years since our establishment, we could stand proudly in front of 10 Caribic pizza outlets in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

We have become a synonym for unique experience and always fresh Caribic pizza has won the most picky ones. Caribic pizza is constantly devoted to maintaining the quality of its products and future innovations. From basic provisions to final product – everything is always fresh and made of top quality ingredients with equally recognizable taste and style.

Over past two decades our idea was to make our offer suit the most varying tastes and to become the first in finding some new products and services. So, in addition to classic and certainly most popular Capricciosa, the portfolio of over 20 products includes spicy Mexico pizza, a unique Venezia, Chicken Cut for chicken lovers, and in addition to these there are also the favorites such as Domestic, Kulen, Retro, Margharita and Non-fat pizza.

In 2011 we created a unique ice-cream revolution with completely new concept of enjoying this dessert: our Ice Point. Sweet and refreshing ice-cream dessert that everyday reminds of combining tasty ingredients so one could enjoy the ice-cream life flavor.

We are here for you 24/7/365 in friendly atmosphere and if you wish a Caribic pizza at your address, it is enough to call the numbers of Caribic Delivery and to enjoy.

We deliver our pizza in just 29 minutes after your call, and if we deliver in over guaranteed time – all that you ordered is free.

Our delivery service is also free.

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