Our products

Despite nutrition being our daily vital necessity, we certainly like to enjoy quality food. This is why Caribic restaurants always serve fresh, tasty and plentiful meals.

The food preparation process in our restaurants takes place in front of your eyes, and the unique combination of ever-fresh ingredients ensures that all our customers are satisfied.

It is our wish not to sell a product which is not absolutely fresh. Our pizza is served right out of the oven.

The food we serve is being carefully prepared and is created with love. As proper hosts, we pick the best ingredients for you and make sure that Caribic restaurants always offer a great choice.

Quality of meals

The Caribic Pizza uses only products and ingredients which satisfy the highest quality and safety standards and are in compliance with the legislation and standards of the Republic of Serbia.

All ingredients used in our products undergo very detailed and strict safety analyses and inspection checks.

All our staff is trained in order to ensure the quality and safety of the food, and the procedures are being strictly followed. The processes and food quality are being checked regularly in the entire system.

The MMM Pizza Group Company obeys and strictly follows the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia. Our suppliers must obey the ISO standards and own the HAACP certifications.

Social responsibility

Caribic is devoted to genuine values and wishes to be a good neighbour and partner in each city where there is a Caribic restaurant.

We turn to family values and this is why a large part of our engagement is directed towards working with children and helping our youngest ones in hospitals, day-care facilities and special institutions. In Caribic restaurants there are piggy-banks for collecting charity, and owing to our guests’ good will, we raise money for those who need it most. The money is directed to the children’s village ’’Milorad Pavic’’ in Sremska Kamenica.

We also organise blood donations in order to affirm blood donorship in Serbia and help those who need it most.


The matter of food quality is being taken seriously and standards are set high both internally for our company as well as for our suppliers who play an important role in our success, by delivering highest quality products at competitive prices.

Alongside our suplliers the company creates new products and strives to provide a recognizable and irresistible taste for our customers, which is consistent in all our restaurants.

Environmental protection

Caribic’s standards related to environmental protection and cleanliness are very high. Our restaurants as well as their surroundings are being cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis, which contributes to environmental protection and reflects our company’s genuine image.